Hoof Works Crush

The Hoof Works Crush is designed for hoof trimming and general veterinary use.

This is how it’s achieved:

  • As cows enter the crush a self locking head bail is activated by the cow’s forward movement. The rear gate is closed behind them that has the rear leg lifter incorporated.
  • Belly slings pass under the cow and are winched into position and a leg saddle is placed around a leg and winched up into the cradle.
  • This gives easy access to the hoof for trimming, and repair work.

Safety benefits of the Hoof Works Crush:

  • With cows safely restrained hoof trimming is a safe procedure for both you and the cow.
  • Rubber matting is provided to give the cow good grip while being restrained.
  • A restrained cow can not kick you while its leg is held in the cradle.
  • OH&S requirements can be totally addressed.

General use

With opening and removable side gates all veterinary work where access to the side and rear of the cow is required is easy with the Hoof Works Crush.

Design benefits

Strong 75mm SHS main frame with all steel components hot dip galvanised for superior corrosion protection. Load brake winches are used for lifting that are made from stainless steel and brass to eliminate seizing in wet conditions. The Hoof Works Crush is made in Australia.

Self Locking Headlocks

This system is designed to work on concrete feed pads and freestall sheds and adds another dimension to the way you can manage dairy herds, utilise feed and control wastage.


The advantages of this system include:

  • Minimal feed wastage (compared with a loss of up to 25% of a mixed ration fed to cows in the paddock). Leftovers can be scraped up and fed to other stock.
  • Grain and concentrates can be mixed with forages and fed without wastage.
  • Cows can feed at their own pace without bossy cows controlling large areas of feed.
  • Feed can’t get into cow lane: therefore there is no mixing of feed & manure, which simplifies a pumping process.
  • The entire herd can be restrained or released automatically. This saves labour for constant tasks such as: AI, preg-testing, injections, heat detection monitors, drafting and veterinary examinations.
  • Cows can be released individually.
  • One lever locks the headlocks, or, alternatively, allows cows to go in & out freely.
  • A fallen cow can be released.
  • Cows that are restrained and fed their usual ration, are much calmer than cows removed from the herd and feed area for treatment purposes.
  • Cow flow through the dairy can be constant as there is no herd work carried out there, or narrow sorting lanes to be negotiated.
  • Can also be set-up in heifer paddocks for AI & preg-testing.

Features of Self Locking Headlocks

  • Built from heavy section steel
  • Hot-dip galvanised after welding
  • Support posts and fitting attachments available
  • Panels supplied fully assembled
  • Each panel holds five cows
  • Manufactured in Australia