Express & Ultra Effluent Management Systems

The centre of these two systems is a separator which divides the liquid from the fibrous material, that is washed off the concrete areas of a dairy and feed pad.

Once you have separated these two valuable by-products, your options for utilizing these two components is quite remarkable. The fibrous material remains friable and can be spread on paddocks to create excellent seed beds and to build up soil structures. The liquid can be used for irrigation or recycling. We can provide complete solutions for effluent management.

This is how it’s achieved

With the washdown contained in a circular inground tank, it is agitated and pumped to the separator where the separation is achieved using a wedge wire screen. This process requires no moving equipment so there is nothing to wear out. With the fibrous material contained in a concrete area for further drying, the liquid component can be stored for direct injection into irrigation systems, or directed into a pond system for recycling. Whichever way you intend to distribute dairy effluent, with the fibrous material removed, the constant challenge of blockages in pipes and sprinkler jets is eliminated.

RP Rural Engineering supply the following components

  • Submersible pump & mixing equipment with lifting davits attached for ease of maintenance.
  • Control system for automatic operation incorporating ultrasonic level sensing of the receival tank.
  • Separator & supporting stand.
  • Design and installation.

The Express System


Has a flow rate of 8 – 12 lps with a dry material storage of 10 cubic mtrs.

Herd size: up to 400 cows without a feed pad

This system also has automatic cleaning with each use of the separator.

The Ultra System


Has a flow rate of 17 – 21 lps with a dry material storage of 120 cubic mtrs

Herd size: 300 – 2000 cows including feed pad or free stall shed

This system also has automatic cleaning with each use of the separator